Italian-Style Cookies n’ Cream

Ricotta and honey…mmm!  Sardinians LOVE their honey and they love drizzling it on cheese, particularly sweet cheeses, such as ricotta.

Who would have thought that only two (not-so decadent) ingredients would result in a sweet, creamy treat that could rival any gelato on a hot summer’s day?! (Okay, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration!)


I switched up the traditional recipe by adding some crunch with baby cookies (Plasmon brand).

My two-year AND 7 month old love this snack (minus the honey for the little one).  My son loves the crunch and my daughter loves the mushy bits of biscotti (that I let sit in the ricotta for 5 minutes or so to soften before serving).


1/2 cup ricotta (full-fat or non-fat)
1-2 tsp. organic honey (local is best-especially here in Sardegna!)
2 Plasmon cookies, crumbled (or baby cookie of choice)
Sprinkle of cinnamon, if desired

*This recipe is recommended for babies 12+ months as it contains honey which can cause botulism if given to babies under one year old.


There’s not much to this recipe…

Layer ricotta and crumbled cookies in a small serving bowl then drizzle with honey.


Garnish with more crumbled cookies for added crunch!


“Did you know…?”
Ricotta is a perfect snack to offer baby because it is naturally low in fat and salt.  It’s a great option as a first food because it sticks to the spoon-it’s easier for baby to eat (which means less clean-up for you!)